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    Taihe South Longjiang Experimental School is located in Longjiang New District, Taihe County. It is a private public-funded school invested by South Logistics Group(?) with an investment of 150 million yuan. It is a key construction project of Taihe County's Five-Year Plan (2017-2021). The school was founded in the autumn of 2017. There are 1,925 students in 49 classes and 230 faculty members. The campus covers an area of 86 mu, and the building area is 51,500 square meters. The school-running conditions have met the provincial standard for standardized school allocation. The school has beautiful environment, advanced teaching equipment and living facilities. The school takes "Longjiang Education Cloud" as the top-layer design, making every effort to build a smart campus, which makes school management, teacher-student learning communication, home-school interaction more efficient and effective. The school has excellent management team and strong teachers. It is a nine-year closed boarding school. In terms of teaching, the school implements small class teaching, highlights the characteristics of art education, and normalizes the efficient classroom. It is a model school for quality education.
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