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    Cross-border Supply
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    Zhuangyuan Valley cross-border e-commerce supervision center has pioneered the innovation of "Internet +" thinking innovation to promote the innovation and development of domestic and foreign trade, and promoted the "three ones" cooperation in customs inspection in the park, which is "one declaration, one inspection, one release" for customs and inspection and quarantine, reducing the customs clearance cost, shortening the clearance time, and realizing the process and the convenience of the "on-site clearance" of customs, national inspection, national tax, external management, e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises in the park. The building area of the center plus office area is nearly 5,000 square meters, equipped with 4 entry and unloading lanes for supervisory vehicles and 6 departure loading lanes, a joint inspection platform for customs and national inspection, and 2 sets of fully automatic X-ray inspection systems, which greatly promotes the facilitation of international trade customs clearance.
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